Custom Name Patches

If you own a company or a organization that requires your employees to wear name identifications, you may want to consider name patches instead of name tags. Name patches are sewn onto uniforms , so you won’t have to hear the excuse ” I left my name tag at home” ever again. Name tags look very professional and can give any uniform a polished look. We have created many custom name emblems , our customers include EMS /Ambulance responders , auto service companies , landscaping companies , security companies , hospitals and janitorial companies.

Because we have created many custom embroidered name patches , we are very familiar with which special options and backing options look and work best for name insignias. We usually suggest that our customers use a merrowed border on their name emblems because this will give your patch a finished look and this option also prevents unwanted frayed edges , this border will give your patch durability. A name patch usually only requires 50% embroidery coverage and are usually small in size, so these two factors allow the cost of your emblem to be inexpensive.

The custom patches you see below , were recently ordered by one of our customers who owns his own business and wanted to order nine embroidered name badges. The name of each employee is embroidered with black thread , on white twill. We used 50% embroidery coverage and put a black merrowed border around the patches. These embroidered emblems are a great example of a perfect embroidered name emblem , simple but practical.

When it comes to deciding on a backing option for an custom patch , you have to decide if you want a temporary backing or permanent backing. Adhesive backings are for temporary use, whereas Iron-on , Sew-on and Velcro are permanent backing options.

Name patches are essential to any company’s uniform , they introduce your customers to your employees. At Patches by AAAstitchs , we are proud to say that we create the best name emblems at the lowest price!

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