What’s The Difference Between A Woven Patch And Embroidered Patches?

Unlike labels or stickers, patches are durable, often permanent fixtures to fabric that come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Patches can be used as effective branding or marketing, as well as personal symbolsto recognize important causes, affiliations, beliefs, or other forms of self-expression.

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Embroidered Patches: Effective Marketing For Your Business

From colorful brochuresto innovative online technologies, in today’s marketing scene there are a lot of ways get your message in front of the right people. But what if you want to stand out?

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Custom Name Patches

If you own a company or a organization that requires your employees to wear name identifications, you may want to consider name patches instead of name tags. Name patches are sewn onto uniforms , so you won’t have to hear the excuse ” I left my name tag at home” ever again. Name tags look very professional and can give any uniform a polished look. We have created many custom name emblems , our customers include EMS /Ambulance responders , auto service companies , landscaping companies , security companies , hospitals and janitorial companies.

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Fairy tale embroidery craft makes a unique and cute mobile phone shell

Every day carry out the mobile phone, want to take care of and out of the ordinary mood, let more and more styles of mobile phone shell, mobile phone shell, but really unique and lovely or a little hard to find, by the mobile phone shell made of Japanese fairy tale embroidery artist Numata Mao design, may satisfy your girlish heart!

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The perfect combination of illustration and embroidery, DIY unique creative pain

Singapore artists Izziyana Suhaimi creative handmade works, the illustrations and embroidery perfect combination, creating a unique charm of painting, literature and art Fan Shizu. It's not easy to imitate these works, not only embroidery, but also pencil sketching and water color painting!

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Avant garde design and traditional hand embroidery combine to feel new and beaut

Embroidery now can be replaced even machine factory, we often in the night market or alley mother family name in the modified clothes, embroidered uniforms that are not pure hand, not to mention the girls who dress will be advertised in forest embroidery, a large number of machines are made works. Hand sewing more sublimated into popular elements of fashion, even is a kind of art or skill.

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